AKΛ Kappa Chapter Alumni Donor Recognition

As pledges we were taught being an AKΛ is an affiliation that is binding for life.  Many alumni have benefitted from the experiences and relationships they created and forged while at Kappa Chapter.  Some have chosen to express their support, appreciation and loyalty by giving back to the chapter financially.  Those gifts have been appreciated and put to good use.

Now, more than ever, the chapter needs your financial support to continue to provide as good or better experience than you had while you were at 417 Waldron.  Join your pledge brothers by making a donation today.  Your donations help fund many of the renovations that are needed. Pay it forward and support Kappa Chapter today.


These represent the best of the records the current board has been able to recreate from the last 14 years.  Gifts before that, may or may not be reflected here.  All gifts moving forward will be recognized here however.


FOUNDER's CIRCLE ($10,000+)

William Lange                  '34
Donald E. Craft                '55
* Colin Weaver-Johnson    '03


Richard A. York              '56
Harold W. Narigan          '43
Paul O. Galloway            '52
R. Keith Gilchrist            '53
Paul Lambert                 '72
Scott Hilkert                  '89
Dave Timke                   '90


KAPPA CLUB ($2,500-4,999)

Edward Good               '34
Steve Zlatos                '71
Joe Niccolucci              '85
** Tom Becker            '87
** Adam Sadecki         '06


Clarence Jacklin                  '34
Walter G. Newnam              '34
James A. Erskine                 '34
Lemoyne E. Farnsworth       '42
Edward H. Haines                '51
Robert E. Mauger                '52
James E. Ray                      '56
Kyle Schultz                        '77
Kevin Long                          '89
David M. Dellacato               '88
Andrew J. Rehm                  '92
J. Andrew Parr                    '88
Joseph Drabik                     '01
Ian Fox                              '12
* Jeff Godby                       '81
* Greg Tudor                      '81
Kevin Camden (from Alpha Lambda Chapter, Northern Illinois)


Scott Kleeman                    '88
Alex MacDonald                 '86
Mike Szanti                        '89
Greg Bonness                     '86
** Eric Edwards                  '86
Jason Crowder                    '89
Sean Minnick                      '89
Jon Krasnowski                   '89
Joe VanLuween                   '84
Sean McCaffrey                   '11
Jerrod Stoller                       '88
Jeff O'Connell                       '89
Lance Roush                        '85
Mike Doyle                           '66
Dick Fallon                           '67
Dan Arnholt                         '63            
Richard Cruz                        '67
Roger Taulman                     '67
Chris Warnick                       '06
Al Zdilla                                '73
Nate Price                             '08
Dayalan Sivaprakasapillai       '03
Thomas Uhrig                        '81
Sean Smith                           '11
Jon Encalada                         '11
Andrew Fisher                       '01
Michael Spooner                    '10
Erich Wurz                            '81
Kyle Werkmeister                  '02
* Matt Foster                        '02
Jamison Tucker                     '96
Ned Swanson
Rod Ray
Nick Parker                           '06
Darrin Miller                          '06
Tim Melloch
Chuck Fisher
Eric Jenkusky (from Mu Chapter, Ohio State)
William West (from Iota Chapter, Kansas State)
Richard Radcliffe  (from Tau Chapter, Penn State)
Steven O'Sheal (parent)
Rick Schmidt (parent)


* in-kind contributions
** In-kind & cash contributions

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