Renovation Projects


Over the last few years, the corp board has invested in a number of renovation projects.  Please see some of the recent projects along with some before and after photos to the right.

  • replaced 2nd & 3rd floor showers (2006 & 2007)
  • replaced 28 missing/destroyed fire doors (2008-2013)
  • replaced & repaired numerous kitchen appliances (2006-2013)
  • replaced hot bar and added cold bar for dining room (2006 & 2012)
  • replaced retaining wall under the basketball hoop in front parking lot (2009)
  • replaced the disintegrating soffet, gutters and facia boards around the house (2009)
  • added usable outdoor space through major landscaping project in front of house (2009)
  • painted handrails and columns in front of house (2009 & 2012)
  • replaced worn out lighting fixtures outside the house (2009)
  • re-felted the pool table & added AKΛ logo balls & equipment (2006 & 2011)
  • added home theater projector in informal & replaced (2007 & 2011)
  • added new laundry machines that can be used by members for free (2008)
  • replaced the roof on the "new addition" and mansard portion of old side (2010)
  • replaced the heating/AC unit in the new addition (2010 & 2011)
  • resealed the front parking lot (2010)
  • new commercial pizza oven (2010)
  • new commercial freezer (2010)
  • replaced dining room chairs (2006 & 2010)
  • replaced Grand Prix shed & painted (2010 & 2012)
  • replaced windows in all sleeping rooms & basement (2011)
  • added new in-room AC's for the sleeping rooms (2011 & 2013)
  • replaced sign in front of the house (2011)
  • renovated 3 first floor single bathrooms & updated women's restroom (2011)
  • replaced flagpole (2011)
  • replaced 30+ year-old stove in kitchen (2011)
  • replaced dishwasher (2011)
  • replaced 2 hot water holding tanks (2011 & 2013)
  • replaced exhaust fan motors in showers and kitchen (2006, 2011, 2012 & 2013)
  • replaced missing and damaged siding between 2nd & 3rd floor windows in back of house (2011)
  • replaced blinds throughout common areas (2012)
  • added blinds to the study room (2012)
  • updated formal living room (2012)
  • built Harry's style booths in dining room (2012)
  • built pub style bar area in basement (2012)
  • created custom neon sign for new bar area in basement (2012)
  • installed dance floor lights and speaker outlets in basement (2012)
  • replaced all silverware, plates, bowls, cups (2012)
  • replaced beer garden doors (2012)
  • replaced AC unit for kitchen & dining room (2012)
  • replaced Internet infrastructure (2012)
  • replaced hot water boiler (2012)
  • replaced first floor water fountain (2012)
  • replaced old chest freezer with commercial upright double freezer (2013)
  • replaced old ice machine with new commercial ice nugget maker (2013)
  • replaced old milk fridge with 2nd full-size commercial refridgerator (2013)
  • remodled study room with custom desks, new computer, new flooring, new AC units, new radiators (2013)
  • gutted and remodled 3rd floor bathroom (2013)
  • replaced heating boiler motor (2013)
  • replaced water heating boiler (2103)


There is a lot more that could be done with additional funds.  Here are some things that are needed:

  • finish downstairs renovations, adding wood wall coverings, new lights & ceiling
  • the front and back parking lots need to be resurfaced
  • sidewalk and curb in front of house needs to be replaced (city has turned down multiple requests)
  • heating system for the old part of the house
  • replace electrical grid in house
  • basement & 2nd floor bathroom renovations
  • commercial grade coffee tables and end tables for the formal living room
  • commercial grade study table and chairs for the formal living room (these are tax-deductible* items)
  • install permanent bike racks under trees in back of house
  • replace the carpet in formal & informal with wood flooring
  • replace front door
  • add wrap-around deck and patio


* For the items that are for the study room and are tax-deducible, please contact the board directly and we will provide you with instructions on how to make this donation so you get tax credit.


If you have it in your ability individually or collectively as a pledge class to make a significant donation of funds or materials/labor to complete one of these projects, please contact the board directly, or click one of the DONATE buttons to make an online donation through PayPal to the house account.

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Amazon Wish List

We have created an Amazon wish list, here, for items that the house could use if you would like to buy items directly for the house.