Breakfast Club & Football Tailgates

The time-honored Purdue tradition of Breakfast Club on home football game mornings is alive and well.  The campus tradition has evolved over the years, and now sees students who are over 21 dressing up in costumes for the pre-dawn trek to the local social scene.

The newer AKΛ tradition that sees most of the brothers tailgating at home Purdue football games began in the 1990's.  On any given home football Saturday we grab a spot in the intramural field lot and tailgate before, during and after the game.  Many of the brothers who attend Breakfast Club end up joining the group at the tailgate.  There are also a number of brothers who get season tickets together and enjoy watching the Boilers in person.  Game days provide good fun and a lot of lasting memories and stories that only grow better with time.



Kappa Alum Performs Pre-Game Flyover

Navy pilot Doug Schmidt, a recent Kappa alum and former chapter president, performs the pre-game flyover at the Ole Miss - BYU game (9/3/11).  His jet is the one on the right.