AKΛ National Executive Council

  • Bryant Gatrell

    School: University of Missouri -- 1991

    AKL Chapter: Gamma Alpha

    Position: National President

    Occupation: Attorney @ Moore & Van Allen law firm

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  • Don Enstrom

    School: Oregon State -- 1973

    AKL Chapter: Phi

    Position: National Vice President

    Occupation: Consultant to food industry @ Enstrom Consulting

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  • Jeremy Slivinsky

    School: Virginia Commonwealth University -- 1996

    AKL Chapter: Beta Nu

    Position: National Secretary

    Occupation: National Executive Director @ Fraternity of Alpha Kappa Lambda

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  • Rich Cruz

    School: Purdue -- 1967

    AKL Chapter: Kappa

    Position: National Vice President of Finance

    Occupation: Retired from Northrup Grumman @ US Army

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  • Jeff Feist

    School: Kansas -- 1986

    AKL Chapter: Delta

    Position: Director

    Occupation: Vice President of Sales @ Phillips Distilling Company

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  • John Morytko

    School: Rutgers - 1993

    AKL Chapter: Gamma Gamma

    Position: Director

    Occupation: Director of Development @ Rutgers Business School

  • Tom Cuthbert

    School: University of Idaho

    AKL Chapter: Aplha Phi

    Position: Director

    Occupation: Attorney @ Leonard, Street & Dienard

  • Keith Shoemaker

    School: University of Montevallo

    AKL Chapter: Gamma Delta

    Position: Director

    Occupation: Manager of Sales & Service @ Gate Group

  • Ryan Echols

    School: Temple University

    AKL Chapter: Gamma Lambda

    Position: Undergraduate Representative

    Occupation: Student

  • Greg Muenchow

    School: Purdue University

    AKL Chapter: Kappa

    Position: Undergraduate Representative

    Occupation: Student

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  • Kevin Camden

    School: Northern Illinois University - 1992

    AKL Chapter: Alpha Lambda

    Position: Past National President

    Occupation: Legal Counsel @ Teamsters Local 700

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  • Todd Hollinghead

    School: Auburn University -- 2001

    AKL Chapter: Beta Phi

    Position: National Chaplain

    Occupation: Project Manager @ Flournoy Construction Company

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  • Guy Davis

    School: Virginia Commonwealth University -- 1984

    AKL Chapter: Beta Nu

    Position: Chairman of Membership Education Committee

    Occupation: Asst Director of Internships @ Southern Methodist University

  • Johnathan Cook

    School: University of Alabama

    AKL Chapter: Gamma Beta - 2000

    Position: Chairman of Volunteer Development Committee

    Occupation: Project Manager @ Microsoft