About AKΛ / How Do I Join?

Fall 2016 Rush Events:

*all events are from 6-8 p.m. at our house on 417 Waldron St.

8/21/2016 (Sun)  -Open House - Cookout

8/23/2016 (Tue) - Sand Volleyball and Open House - Panda Express

8/25/2016 (Thur) - Sand Volleyball and Open House - Food provided by our Chef Kelly

8/30/2016 (Tue) - Sand Volleyball and Open House - Hotbox

9/1/2016 (Thurs) - Stand up Comedy with Rodney - Food provided by our Chef Kelly

9/6/2016 (Tues) - Break or Bounce - Chick-Fil-A

9/8/2016 (Thurs) - Traditions Night - Food provided by our Chef Kelly

9/13/2016 (Tues) - Cigar/Casino Night (Invite Only)

9/15/2016 (Thurs) - Alumni Dinner (Invite Only)

9/16/2016 (Fri) - Bid Dinner (Invitation Only)

Joining AKL at Purdue

If you are an undergraduate male student at Purdue University, and are considering joinging a fraternity, we hope you will come to the AKΛ house and see what being a brother here is all about.  If you want to come by and check out our place, submit your information here and we'll make sure someone is here to show you around.

At AKΛ we believe that brotherhood is friendship of the highest calling. We develop these friendships through participating in tons of activities. We pair-up with other fraternities and sororities to do social functions and we also host our own. We are involved in philanthropies that raise thousands of dollars each year for charitable organizations. Additionally, our friendships are strengthened while enjoying our lounge where we kick back, relax, play pool, foosball, ping pong, or watch a movie.

The brothers at AKΛ are committed to helping each other succeed. We have a long-standing tradition of excelling academically, socially, and athletically -- as well as being campus leaders.

• We understand that academics are your first and foremost responsibility.
• We have a very active social calendar, including functions and philanthropy events with sororities, football tailgates, and alumni networking events.
• We compete in athletic intramurals in a number of sports against other fraternities and campus organizations.
• Each year many of our brothers serve in leadership positions on the boards of campus organizations.

Perks of being an AKΛ?

10 mins or less to most classrooms on campus, HD DirecTV in every room, parking spaces, great chef, study lounge, highly competitive intramural sports, great alumni connections across the world.

What if I am worried about academics?

We place academics above all else and will take steps to ensure that you make it your priority as well. Your associate membership activities will not interfere with your academics and many achieve their best GPA's during this time. Your brothers are also a resource academically - many have either taken or are taking the same classes as you.

What about hazing?

AKΛ has a strict anti-hazing policy. We never force you to drink alcohol or take any illegal drugs and we prohibit any physical abuse. Additionally, we will not ask you to compromise your moral, ethical, or religious values.

What about money?

AKΛ strives not to cause a financial burden for its members. Living in the fraternity house is actually substantially cheaper than dormitory or apartment living.  Having said that, you need to understand there is a value to being a member of our fraternity, and that value comes at a cost.  You should understand you are making a financial commitment to our fraternity when you accept your bid and we expect all our members and associate members to make payments when they are due.

What do AKΛ's believe in?

AKΛ was founded on five ideals: Judeo-Christian Principles, Leadership, Scholarship, Loyalty, and Self-Support. We do our best to use these as guidelines in our day to day lives.

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