Frequently Asked Questions

The following are frequently asked questions or topics that parents may have.  Please contact us here if you have questions or needs that are not covered in this section or that you cannot find elsewhere on our website.

  • What is Fraternity all about?  Joining a Fraternity is a big step for a student.  It is a commitment to live the ideals of the organization.  A proper Fraternity experience will provide leadership opportunities, a family on campus, scholastic support and fun for the individual.  Members create relationships that will last a lifetime with numerous benefits.  Alpha Kappa Lambda specifically strived to meet Five Ideals: Judeo-Christian Principles, Leadership, Scholarship, Loyalty and Self-Support.  Our members develop into strong citizens that become leaders in their communities.


  • What are the costs involved in joining Alpha Kappa Lambda?  Like all membership associations, participating in a Fraternity does cost money.  Kappa Chapter charges a fee to live in the fraternity house which covers not only housing costs, but the dues and insurance fees that we incur from our national fraternity.  Our housing costs are less than dorm or apartment living and contain more amenities.  Your son will get more benefit with this investment than if he was not affiliated and paying for activities every weekend.


  • Should I be worried about hazing or other risky activities?  Hazing has no part in the fraternity experience and is not tolerated by Kappa Chapter or the Alpha Kappa Lambda national headquarters.  Our Risk Management policy is specific and was created to protect our members from some of the antics portrayed in movies and on TV.  When a student moves away from home to an institute of higher education there will be many risks and new "opportunities" for them such as consuming alcohol.  It is important that you speak with your son about this and make sure he understands that he should not be violating any rules or laws. 


  • How can I be involved with my son's experience?  Parents are encouraged to to be involved with their son and our chapter in many ways.  We have a parents weekend and homecoming weekend that are a great experience and opportunity to learn about the Fraternity.  The local corporation board, which is comprised mostly of alumni, many times could use participation by a parent or a parents' club.  Speaking to your son about his experience is also important to make sure he is getting the most out of it and to identify if there should be any concerns.


  • Is the Fraternity and my son insured?  The Fraternity of Alpha Kappa Lambda is a member of FRMT and carries two insurance policies that benefit our members.  Our general liability policy acts in a manner similar to a home owner's policy.  It provides liability coverage for the chapter and members as long as they are not violating rules or laws.  Our Membership Accident Protection Program is the second benefit we provide.  This program provides supplemental health insurance coverage for our members for injuries they may incur while in college.




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