My Son Wants to Join AKΛ

Your son has told you that he wants to join Alpha Kappa Lambda (AKΛ).  We're sure a lot of thoughts have gone through your mind about his desicsion.  We hope we can answer your questions and aleviate any concerns you might have.  First and foremost, we want to address head-on any negative stereotypes out there about fraternities in general.  Our fraternity is nothing like the movies Animal House or Old School.  To see more about AKΛ's rich history and traditions, go to the Heritage section of our website.

AKΛ was founded on five ideals: Judeo-Christian Principles, Leadership, Scholarship, Loyalty, and Self-Support. We do our best to use these as guidelines in our day to day lives.  We only accept men of character to join our brotherhood.

AKΛ's Kappa Chapter house is located in the heart of Purdue's campus and is about a 10 minute walk to any classroom.  We have many amenities in the house, including a cleaning service that comes 3 times a week, a cook that prepares 2 hot meals a day and provides self-serve food for breakfast and weekends, have a remodled functional quiet study room, and a very engaging and active brotherhood that spends a lot of time participating in campus activities.  Make sure to check out the Join AKΛ menu item on our website as well for more specific information about the process of joining our fraternity.

Our house is owned by our alumni and they have a board that overseas the maintenance and operation of the property.  They are also available to answer any questions that you might have.  Feel free to submit any questions you might have by contacting an alumni board member by clicking here.

We understand your son's primary focus is academics, and scholarship is one of our five ideals. Your son's activities with AKΛ should not impact his scholarship, in fact it should help him develop excellent time-management skills.  We offer an incentive to members to succeed academically.  We offer a $150 reward per semester for anyone getting a 3.0 GPA or higher, or who improves their GPA by 1.0 that semester.

One of the great things about our fraternity is that it provides an unparallelled opportunity to develop the skills that will help prepare him prepare to assume the leaderhsip responsibilities in fullfilling the obligations of life.  There are numerous positions elected every year in our house and we strongly encourage our members to join campus organizations where they can hone and expand their leadership skills and experience.  For those members who become leaders of top campus organizations, the Alumni Board credits up to $200 per year for representing AKΛ on campus.

Additionally, our alumni are very loyal and are employed in senior positions in Fortune 500 companies, the government, and own their own businesses.  This provides a network of brothers that not only look out for each other, but also the up and coming generations of AKΛ brothers.  We mean it when we say being an AKΛ is an affiliation that is binding for life.

Joining any fraternity will cost some money.  We believe we there is value to being an AKΛ and value to living in our fraternity house, but we strive to make it as affordable as possible.  There are costs we assume when your son agrees to be a member, including national dues, materials, insurance fees and meals he eats while at the fraternity house, currently the fee is $500, which is due when your son becomes an associate member.  We expect your son to pay for these items whether he is living in the fraternity house or not.  If there is space available, we also expect your son to move into the fraternity house for at least two years after he joins, beginning the following school year.  Our costs are less than other fraternities, dorm and apartment living and include meals and many amenities.

We have a strict policy against any sort of hazing.  Your son will be asked to learn about our chapter and national heritage and information about our current members.  But your son will not be asked to do anything demeaning or humiliating.  He will not be physically or mentally intimidated, threatened or abused.  He will not be forced to consume anything.

We do not tolerate illicit drug use of any kind in our house, and use on our property is grounds for immediate dismissal from our membership.  We prohibit smoking cigarettes inside our chapter house and only allow it in designated areas outside the house.  Our housing contract requires anyone drinking alcohol to be of legal age and we adhere to Purdue University alcohol policies.







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